martes, 15 de diciembre de 2009

Problem with Sexting

It was very sad to read that poor Jessica Logan died because of sending that nude picture to his boyfriend. First of all, what kinda girl sends his boyfriend a nude picture ?? In the world that we live today, the probability that you will be harassed is enormous. People look for this type of things, and once found, consider yourself to be in a hole that has no exit. It is very obvious that once they broke up as a relationship, he will be sending the picture around, because he has no longer a compromise with her. She had to be stronger, but the truth is that it was very difficult to surpass such thing.

The school did what was needed, but it was the society that enlarged the problem to a size that became out of reach. She was 18, and therefore there isn't a real law that protects, because she is big enough to take the correct choices. I say the school cannot be sued for anything, because the picture was sent on her private time, plus the school is not in charge of protecting their students outside school. Although the student counselor could have taken better measures to handle the problem, he is not obligated and therefore he cannot be persecuted for it. Primarily, the parents were the indicated people to revitalize her, but for some reason or other it didn't work very well.

domingo, 13 de diciembre de 2009

Short Film

The idea of making a short film is really exciting, although I don’t know exactly how to do it. I will probably have to do some research on how to make my video look professionally, because as of right now, it would look pretty really lame. My idea is to do a tutorial video about juggling, which would go from the very basics to some complicated tricks. Hopefully my idea is not as hard as I believe, because I cannot think of another. I would be working with Carlos and Jose, each helping me and vice-versa.

jueves, 10 de diciembre de 2009

New Security Measures for Facebook

The new security measures for Facebook were implemented with the purpose of providing a safer and more reliable way of communication. From articles that I have read, it appears that most of your personal information gets shown to all your friends, even to those that you don’t know at all. I personally hate these new measures, because I am not willing to show all my personal data to the rest of the world. Articles say that Facebook is using these measures to mask the real goal, which is to bring to light one’s own info. People are not stupid, so I think that there will be no change in the usage, other than being more cautious with what to show or not.

People must decide if what they are going to post is appropriate or not. Mainly people will just laugh or comment it, but others might take it the wrong way. There is nothing wrong with publishing videos and quotations of other people, because sooner or later they will know about it. They might not know it is up the first days, but after some time they will. The reaction that I would expect from ASPV is they will ask the person who published it to erase it. There should be no consequences for the person who post it, because I am sure he had no bad intentions.

martes, 8 de diciembre de 2009

Academic Carrer

I came to the American School six years ago, and since then technology has not been very efficient. I still remember my first year in which we had computer class, but they only taught us the most basic stuff. It was until about a few years ago that the school changed from using regular blackboards to a more new and efficient one. There have been a couple of projects that requiered the fusion of technology with textbooks, but it is a shame we do such only once a year. In Computers class, we had to create webpages, which was really fun by the way. Although the school has enough technology to blend it with our studies, for some reason or other they have not done it.

From what I personally remember, last year Mr. Whitten did a very cool project with us that required us to tape a song about World War. It had to fulfill certain requirements, but the assignment was technically a song. We did in pairs and resulted to be very fun. Mr. Whitten is one of the very few who actually has included technology in our education, because the reality is that most teachers base all their works on books. It was in seventh grade in World Geography were I felt technology lacked. We were learning from a textbook all the countries, but it was then when I thought that there are many fun ways on the internet to learn them, such as quizzes or puzzle games. The teachers might have not done it this way because she felt it could turn into a mess and students would play rather than learning.

Overall, I think we have only done one or two assignments, and this really makes me mad. It is not possible that a school such as ours has not been able to integrate technology properly with our studies. I believe that in the future there will be a much better connection between technology and studies, because every day new apparatuses are created and therefore things will be much better. The good thing is that I learned what need to be learned, but I really cross my fingers that future activities become more fun with the help of technology. te quiero muchooo, yo mas:)

martes, 1 de diciembre de 2009

Reflection on Assignment

It took a lot of time to complete the assignment, but I must say it was very entertaining to do. I wish we could have more time to finish, because I could have included some extra material. I liked the final product very much, so it was definitively worth my time. For next year seniors, I would recommend a more explanations in regards to the program. I enjoyed the activity very much, and hope that sooner or later I will be able to do an animation of this type again.

martes, 3 de noviembre de 2009

First Animation Reflection

It was the first time I did an animation, and it turned out pretty good. It did take me some time to learn all the techniques, but once I learned them, things ran pretty smooth. One of my frustrations was that I was half way done, and all of a sudden the program crashes and I hadn't saved anything. The outcome was a well, structured animation that achieved all the requirements. If the video would be one minute long, then I would simply have to extend the chase, and add some buildings so it all looks more real. The cops would be going by tunnels, and helicopters would be involved too.

domingo, 27 de septiembre de 2009

Okay, so this is my blurred family tree and this is a post about my favorite memory of a family reunion. I remember one year my whole family flew to Austria where my grandparents live to have a family reunion. It was fantastic all my cousins were there and my grandmother and mother cooked a traditional Austrian meal. We then went outside and played soccer and had a bonfire where we cooked marshmallows and made smores. This was by far the best memory of my family that i have. I hope we have another reunion in the future so that i can have more memories withh my grandparents and parents before it is too late.