martes, 15 de diciembre de 2009

Problem with Sexting

It was very sad to read that poor Jessica Logan died because of sending that nude picture to his boyfriend. First of all, what kinda girl sends his boyfriend a nude picture ?? In the world that we live today, the probability that you will be harassed is enormous. People look for this type of things, and once found, consider yourself to be in a hole that has no exit. It is very obvious that once they broke up as a relationship, he will be sending the picture around, because he has no longer a compromise with her. She had to be stronger, but the truth is that it was very difficult to surpass such thing.

The school did what was needed, but it was the society that enlarged the problem to a size that became out of reach. She was 18, and therefore there isn't a real law that protects, because she is big enough to take the correct choices. I say the school cannot be sued for anything, because the picture was sent on her private time, plus the school is not in charge of protecting their students outside school. Although the student counselor could have taken better measures to handle the problem, he is not obligated and therefore he cannot be persecuted for it. Primarily, the parents were the indicated people to revitalize her, but for some reason or other it didn't work very well.

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  1. well-written post Rafa. a little wordy (perhaps) at the end but the voice is very strong,